Free Supercharging for 60kWh Tesla Model S

Posted: 6th October 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Three and half years ago, in May of 2009, I put down a deposit and ordered a Tesla Model S.

In July of 2012, I test-drove the car and loved it.

In August 2012, it was my turn to order the car and I ordered a 60kWh model.

I’ve heard news about Tesla building Supercharging stations around the country. I didn’t pay much attention since it won’t affect me that much. My daily commute is only a fraction of the advertised 230-mile range. Since I ordered a high-speed charger, I figured I could charge my car in a jiffy if needed.

In late September, I received an email saying Supercharging hardware was already built into my car, and Tesla wanted to know if I wanted to pay $1000 to enable it. I thought about it and decided not to get it.

Then, an hour after I clicked “Do Not Enable”, I received another email by surprise from Tesla, this time telling me they will enable my Supercharging capability at no additional charge! What a pleasant surprise? The reason, they said, was they felt the explanation of the Supercharging option was not clear enough.

This makes me just that much happier. Nice job, Tesla. You bet I will tell all my friends and family what a wonderful choice I made three and half years ago.